Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Imported From Italy

Italian Blood Orange Sweetness

Like the highly prized Italian blood orange, this signature, bestselling olive oil has a full-bodied sweetness with a twinge of tanginess, making it one of our most unique--and surprisingly versatile--varieties.

Italians use blood oranges in much of their cooking, so this oil works naturally with traditional Mediterranean dishes, adding rich sweetness to pastas, salads, and red sauces. However, it's also great for baking, imparting a hint of citrus to sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, pound cake, and blood orange brownies. Use it on its own or pair with some of our fruitier balsamics, like tangerine, strawberry, or white peach, for bright, refreshing vinaigrettes.

Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil
{375ml bottle}

Try this Oil in...

  • 30-1320699151

    Stir-'N-Drop Sugar Cookies

    Baking with olive oil instead of butter transforms the traditional sugar cookie, giving it an extra kick of sweet flavor and a healthier profile.

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  • 14-1320699118

    Spinach Salad with Tangerine Balsamic

    Bring the earthy flavors of spinach to life with a bright and citrus vinaigrette, made from our Tangerine Balsamic and Blood Orange EVOO.

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  • 43-1320686305

    Blood Orange Spaghetti

    Traditional spaghetti gets a charge of sweet, fresh Mediterranean flavors when tossed with our bestselling Blood Orange EVOO and a sprinkling of goat cheese.

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