Chipotle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Imported From Italy

Rich and Smoky with a Kick of Heat

The rich, smoky flavor of chipotle hits you at the end of this olive oil, as a touch of heat kicks into gear to give you an after burst of bite.

This oil works brilliantly in Mexican and other Latin cuisines, and is ideal for grilling meats and corn on the cob. For a refreshing barbeque sauce with a little zing, pair it with some of our balsamic vinegars like tangerine, fig, or red apple. It can even be used in baking, and adds a spicy surprise to cornbread.

Chipotle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
{375ml bottle}

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    Chipotle Hummus

    Add smoky chipotle flavor to traditional hummus for a unique spread for vegetables, bread, and tortilla chips.

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