Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Imported From Italy

A Staple for Garlic Fiends

This bestselling oil has the strong flavor of roasted garlic capped with a warmth and smoothness that captures that classic feel of home cooking. For garlic lovers, this variety can be used as an everyday olive oil, and tastes delicious with everything from salads to pasta to pizza crust.

Add salt and pepper and drizzle over ravioli for a simple but rich sauce, or use it to give your popcorn a spicy, garlic taste. Bake a heavenly garlic bread by drizzling it on a crusty loaf and topping it with pieces of fresh garlic. For salads, this oil pairs equally well with more traditional balsamics like fig, as well as bright, acidic varieties like our white jalapeno.

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
{375ml bottle}

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